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Aug 2012

CPU limit is eliminated in the latest release. ... more

ASP-db Classic

ASP-db EnterpriseASP-db is the first platform to offer solid Web programming. Just pay attention to how many web sites have ".asp" extensions in their url and you'll know how widely used it is. ASP-db is the first Web Database component based on ASP. The model is point and click via a code generator (Designer) to produce a complete and acceptable Web DB application in several minutes. All DB interfacing and Web handling are made invisible to the users such that they can code their business rule instead of struggle with language syntax. We demonstrate this point-click-finish type programming in many trade shows and got quite a bit of attention and won a few awards also.

Customers Quotes

For us to have built and tested all the ASP/ADO code
from scratch would have taken years instead of months. For users only looking to build a simple application, often an afternoon is all that is needed to prototype and build the application. 
--Nick Matteucci, Partner & Co-Founder VCS - Virtual Communication Services, LLC (Certified Oracle Service Provider)....

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Outstanding if you're building database enabled web sites! I've never experienced better tech support. A great tool to build web apps quickly!
--Stephen Wynkoop

Will save me hundreds of hours on my site! I've been dreaming of a component like this!
--Charles Carroll

Knocked my socks off! Simply stunning!
--Robert Lerner

In 11 years of being a contractor, I've never seen a piece of software that has as yet to deliver what it promises; ASPDB is the exception to that dismal record!
--Kambiz Shahri

ASP-db is all it claims to be. Works flawlessly. One project will pay for it!
--Dave Navarro Sr.

...Partial customer list
Tornado (ASPdb.Net)

TORNADOTORNADO (ASPdb.Net) is totally re-written for the ASP.Net platform. 

The .aspx coding syntax is an improved version and similar to Classic ASP-db .asp hence eliminate the DotNet learning curve for ASP-db users upgrading to ASPdb.Net.

Performance improvement is overwhelming compare to the Classic ASP-db. A trip to the Live Demo will illustrate the power of this product. Since all the previous stand alone features are all integrated, it is now genuine All-In-One tool.


Dynamic List
Drop Down
DB Search
FullText Search
Input Form
US Map
Remote Data
Word Report

An Amazing ASP-db Success story

See how a user Risk It All in ASP-db - Click to see details.

Designer and TED

ASP-db DesignerDesigner is the code generator for Classic ASP-db and TED (Tornado Editor and Designer) is for Tornado. TED integrates the Designer with a simple Editor, Properties syntax and sample codes library to create a fairly complete environment to design a web DB project. The Editor is packed with programmer features that are not found anywhere. The sample code library is packed with functional examples.

ASP-db Wins Again

For the second year in a row, ASP-db has won the prestigious Best Database Product award from the editor's at An Excellence Award plaque was presented to Frank Kwong at this year's ASP Connections convention in Phoenix May 1st.

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