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Partial list of ASP-db customers

Above It All, Inc.
ADAC Laboratories
Adell Reklaam, Ltd.
Advantage Property Services
Aelera Corp.
Air Force Research Lab
Air Force Research Lab - AFRL/VSI
ALC Controls, Inc.
Alcoa Building Products
Almo Corp.
American Forest and Paper Assoc.
Ameriplan USA
Aramark Uniform Services, Inc.
Arbitron Company
Argosy Omni Media
Ascot Drummond Limited
Association of Surfing Professionals
Astra Pain Control AB
AT & T
Auraria Higher Education Center - Campus Box B
Avnet Direct
Bank of America
Baron & Budd
Bass Taverns Ltd.
Baton Rouge Community College
Bausch & Lomb Inc.
Baxter International
BBK Consulting, Inc.
Bell Atlantic
Beltmann Group
Benefit Management Administrators
Bhak I Salzburg
Big Stick, Inc.
BIT Software
Blue Ridge Interactive
Blue Ridge Interactive Inc.
Boise Marketing Services
Booking Services
Boomer Consulting
Brooks Air Force Base
Bull HN
Bureau of the Public Debt
California Thoroughbred Breeders Assoc.
Cambridge University Press
Camp, Dresser, and McKee
Capital America
Carben Data Systems
Casa Editorial El Tiempo Limitada
Central Intelligence Agency
Century Interactive
Chandler Unified School District
Charlie Bass
Chester County Connect, Inc.
Chevron Information Technology
Christian Krassnigg Real Estate
Ciena Corporation
Citadel Technology
Citicorp Business Services
Clarkston Community Schools
Client Systems
Colonial Cooperative Care, Inc.
Columbia Insurance Group
Community Service Learning Center
Compaq Computer EMEA BV
Component Source
Computer Support Services
Concert Communications
Concrete Media
Conoco Inc.
Consolidated Edison
Continental Teves
Corporate Communications Center
Corporate Web Solutions
County Infonet
County of San Bernardino
Covance Inc.
CSS Services
Data Design
Data Return
Delaware Infrastructure Management
Dell Computer Corp
Deloitte and Touch
Dept. of Veterans Affairs-CIO 193 B
Digital Equipment Corp.
Digitale Stad Enshede
Directorate of Logistics-III Corps & Fort Hood
Drum Machine
E-connect Consultancy DV
East Tennessee State Univ.
Eastern Tennessee State Univ.
Easynet Solutions
Eclipse Internet Services
Electricity Corp. Of New Zealand
EMC Corp.
Ensemble Systems
Enserch Energy Services
Executive Micro Inc.
Federal Express
Field Automation Software
Finger Lakes Book Co.
First American National Bank
FMAS Corp.
Ford Motor Company
Forum Financial Group
Fritz Hansen A/S
Future Bridge Business Solutions
Future Electronics
Garvan Communications, Inc.
Genentech, Inc.
Gorenszach Maurizio
Graphic Jelly Productions
Grinnell College
GSA Central Office
Guardian Resources, Inc.
Guerilla Software
Gwinnett Hospital System Inc.
Han & Associates, Inc.
Hodgson Myers Assoc., Ltd.
Home Wireless Networks, Inc.
Hong Ho Mexico
Hotel Interactive
Hudson Technology Group
Hydrocarbon Resources Ltd.
Ikon Office Solutions
Iland Internet Solutions
IMB-Initiative Media Brussels
Impac Technology Inc.
iNetCity Systems, Inc.
Infosys Technologies Limited
Inmuebles de Salta
Insite Communications
Institute for Minnesota Archaeology
Institutet for Verkstadsteknisk Forskning
Intergroup Technologies
Internet Solutions Worldwide Inc.
Interstate Insurance Group
IPS Radio and Space Services
IT5, Goteborgs Universitet
J. D. Power and Associates
Jaguar Cars, Inc.
JMarc Technologies
Johnson Controls
Kanbay, Inc.
KG fur Med-software GmbH & Co.
Komatsu Ltd.
Leadership 98
Lee Marketing Services
Lee University
Legacy Long Distance
Level III Services
Lexington Fayette Urban County Government
linkLINE Communications, Inc.
Lockheed Martin Corp.
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Lucent Technologies
Lufthansa Airlines
M&A Technology, Inc.
MachOne Communications`
Manna Freight Systems
Manufacturing Applications Experts
Marc Ferreira
MaryBelle Inc.
MCI - Richardson, TX
MCI Tele Communications
Mediacentric Group
Memorial Medical Center
Meristar Hotels
Merrill Lynch
Michael Anthony
Michael Spandau
Micro Training Center
Mike Krall
Misr Information Services & Trading
Mitchell Madison Group
The MONY Group
Mountain Air BBS
Nashville State Technical Institute
National Crop Insurance Services
Naval War College
Naval Weapons Station
Net Inventions, Inc.
Net.FX, Inc.
Nextel Communications
Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.
Novartis Pharmaceutical
NuAspect Development, Inc.
Oddo & Cie
Ohio Dept. of Transportation
Ott Bau & Grund
Ove Arup and Partners
Pacific Gas and Electric Co.
Patrick A. Thrasher Pragmatics
Personal Development Network, Inc.
Pfizer Inc.
Photo Document & Retrieval Systems
Port Morgan
Potomac Consulting Group
Pratt & Whitney Canada
Procter & Gamble
Quantum Computer Consulting
Rainier Technology
RAS Assicurazioni
Realdata Software, Inc.
Resource Data International
Richi Shinn & Associates
Rohm and Haas
SAC Computer Solutions Inc.
Sampler Shops
Samson Consulting, Inc.
San Marcos Internet
Sara Lee Corp.
Satellite Dialysis Centers
School District 70
Schwaebisch Hall Service GMBH
Scott Smiley
Scottsdale Securities
SEA Consultants Inc.
Seagate Technology, Inc.
SeaPort Communications Corp.
Sedasis Engineering
Sensormatic Electronics Corp.
Shark Attack Studios
Shell Continental Companies
Siam Relay Ltd.
Siebel Systems
Siemens AS
Simic Galleries
Sirex, LLC
Social Security Administration
Society Of Financial Service Professionals
Sony Electronics
Standish, Ayer & Wood, Inc.
SUBMEPP Activity
Super PC Memory
Swiss Broadcasting Corp.
Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research
Synergistic Systems
Synovus Technologies
Ta Tung Information
Technology Net
Technology Tomorrow, LLC
Techwave Computer Services
TeleVideo Global Inc.
Telia Network Services
Telus Communications
Texas A&M University
Texas Medical Association
Textron Systems Corp.
The Door
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
The Internet Sign Company
The Wyoming Operation
ThinkWare, Inc.
Thomson Multimedia
Time Warner Communications
Times2 Tech
TnT Network LLC
Todd Newman
Trellis Technologies
U. S. Auto Finance
U.S. Air Force - McChord AFB
U.S. Navy-SIMA
Union Pacific Resources
University of Illinois at Chicago, DSCC
University of Kent
University of North Dakota
University of Phoenix
US HighWay 1
USWeb Corp.
Value-i-Store Sdn Bhd
Van Boven Juweliers
VB Extras
Veille Technologie
Virtual Communication Services
Virtual Web Servers, Inc.
Visual Solutions Argentina (VSA)
Voluntary Hospitals of America
Wallem Services Ltd.
Walters State Community College
Washer Specialties
Washington University in St. Louis
Water Systems, Inc.
Wellpoint Systems, Inc.
West Mercia Data Services
Western Digital Corp.
Western Money Systems
Wim de Ross
Wolf Block Schorr
Word Spinners, Inc.
World-Link Inc.

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