MagicCell - Logical Masking

1997 911 Carrera Targa - $59,000.00
One of the few remaining icons of the automotive world, the Porsche 911 was introduced in the early '60s as a replacement for the 356. As one of the ...
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1997 Aurora - $35,735.00
Oldsmobile entered the luxury segment in 1995 when it introduced the Aurora, a car designed to compete with European and Japanese imports and attract their ...
1997 Taurus SHO - $26,465.00
Boldly redesigned in 1996, Ford’s best-selling car moves into the 1997 model year with styling that has taken some consumers a while to get used to. Ford has ...
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1997 Avenger - $17,590.00
Though Dodge's Avenger was introduced in the 1995 model year, 1997 will see revised front and rear styling, plus availability of the optional V6 engine ...
1997 Hummer - $59,000.00
Years ago if you wanted an army vehicle you had to get something that had been declared surplus. The introduction of the Hummer changed that: while it comes ...
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Magic - Logical Masking
<script language="VB" runat="server">
Sub Page_Load(Src As Object, E As EventArgs)
  Dim ZigZag As New Tornado.Z()
  With ZigZag
    .dbQP="U=1| S=moto| D=CAR2000.mdb|M=ty=Grid!header=false| mts=160| Th=Title=MagicCell - Logical Masking"
    .dbSQL = "SELECT Car,Price,Yr,Picture,Comment,'dummy' as Photo,'dummy' as Notes FROM CarSpecs"
    .dbGridHideFlds = "Car, Price, Yr, picture, Comment"

'... This is the ZigZag Workhorse
    Dim mc as string = "(;,[]#|~/+{})Fi=Photo| Macro=(#aspdbindex#|NVL||align=right|"
    mc &= "<A HREF='/tornado/db/images-car/#Picture#'><IMG WIDTH=150 BORDER=0 VSPACE=0 HSPACE=0 "
    mc &= "SRC='/tornado/db/images-car/#Picture#' ALT='Click here to see a larger photo'></A>~"
    mc &= "#aspdbindex#|EVL|||<center><b>#Yr# #car# - #price:c#</b> </center>#Comment#), Fi=Notes| "
    mc &= "Macro=(#aspdbindex#|EVL|||<A HREF='/tornado/db/images-car/#Picture#'>"
    mc &= "<IMG WIDTH=150 BORDER=0 VSPACE=0 HSPACE=0 SRC='/tornado/db/images-car/#Picture#' "
    mc &= "ALT='Click here to see a larger photo'></A>~#aspdbindex#|NVL|||<center><b>#Yr# #car# - "
    mc &= "#price:c#</b></center>#Comment#)"
    .dbGridMagicCell = mc
  End With
End Sub
This illustration is for showcase purpose only -

Another form of masking is logical masking where logical conditions are tested to determine the field's display mask. The illustration of displaying the fields in a zigzag manner is an actual application of a user. This is the most difficult example we have ever come across in our 'example chest' and if you catch the syntax of this one, you have mastered MagicCell!

 Essentially the challenge is to display the fields in two columns with column 1 displaying several fields including a Memo Field with text round off at length of 160. Round off means break the memo in the space and not in the middle of a word. The Image name field is displayed in the second column but itself linking to the original image. The twists is to toggle the display in alternate rows. Logical Mask is primary design for displaying data according to 29 pre-programmed logical conditions including text, numeric, logical, regular expression etc.... This enables you to present, hide or mask your data under different conditions.

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