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Normal Calendar with Poster
<script language="VB" runat="server">
Sub Page_Load(Src As Object, E As EventArgs)
  Dim Rm As New Tornado.z
  Rm.dbQP = "U=1| S=aspdbzen| Th=Tit=Stand Alone Normal Calendar"
  Dim C3 As String = "ID=cal| codebase='ccalendar' MAYSCRIPT| ar=/tornado/Jars/aspdbcalendar.jar| "
  C3 &= "wi=260| he=350| fieldname=MYDATE| formname=F| format=m/d/y| color_fond=ccccff| color_case=FFC0C0| "
  C3 &= "color_Comment=FFAAAA| color_empty=FF9090|posterimages=##.jpg| report=n| day2=Mon| day3=Tue|"
  C3 &= " day4=Wed| day5=Thu| day6=Fri| day7=Sat| Day1=Sun"
  Rm.dbCalendar3 = C3
  Response.Write("<P><FORM NAME=F>Date Selected: <INPUT TYPE='TEXT' NAME='MYDATE' SIZE=23></FORM>")
End Sub
There are two types of calendar - Pop-Up (edit) and Stand Alone. Stand Alone calendar has two confederations - Normal and Event.

The following is an example of a Normal calendar with a Poster. Scroll the months to see the poster and select a date to be placed in the Box.

Note: Macro ##.jpg will be filled with 1-12.