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Employees Profile
2NameDr. Andrew Fuller
Reports To
TitleVice President, Sales
Birthdate2/19/1952 12:00:00 AM
HireDate8/14/1992 12:00:00 AM
Address908 W. Capital Way - Tacoma - WA. 98401 USA
Phone(206) 555-9482 x 3457
3NameMs. Janet Leverling
Reports ToAndrew Fuller
TitleSales Representative
Birthdate8/30/1963 12:00:00 AM
HireDate4/1/1992 12:00:00 AM
Address722 Moss Bay Blvd. - Kirkland - WA. 98033 USA
Phone(206) 555-3412 x 3355
4NameMrs. Margaret Peacock
Reports ToAndrew Fuller
TitleSales Representative
Birthdate9/19/1958 12:00:00 AM
HireDate5/3/1993 12:00:00 AM
Address4110 Old Redmond Rd. - Redmond - WA. 98052 USA
Phone(206) 555-8122 x 5176
5NameMr. Steven Buchanan
Reports ToAndrew Fuller
TitleSales Manager
Birthdate3/4/1955 12:00:00 AM
HireDate10/17/1993 12:00:00 AM
Address14 Garrett Hill - London - . SW1 8JR UK
Phone(71) 555-4848 x 3453
6NameMr. Michael Suyama
Reports ToSteven Buchanan
TitleSales Representative
Birthdate7/2/1963 12:00:00 AM
HireDate10/17/1993 12:00:00 AM
AddressCoventry House Miner Rd. - London - . EC2 7JR UK
Phone(71) 555-7773 x 428

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Data Repeater
<script language="VB" runat="server">
Sub Page_Load(Src As Object, E As EventArgs)
'------------- Repeater Template -------------------
Dim fm as string="<TABLE border='0' cellpadding='2' cellspacing='0' width='100%'><TR><TD align=right>"
fm=fm & "<TD class='ch'>!EmployeeID!</TD>"
fm=fm & "<TD align=right class='gh'><B>Name</B></TD>"
fm=fm & "<TD class='ch'>!TitleOfCourtesy! "
fm=fm & "!FirstName! !LastName!</TD></TR>"
fm=fm & "<TR><TD align=right class='fl'><b>"
fm=fm & "Reports To</b></TD><TD COLSPAN=3 class='r2'>"
fm=fm & "!ReportsTo!</TD></TR>"
fm=fm & "<TR><TD align=right class='fl'><B>Title</B></TD>"
fm=fm & "<TD COLSPAN=3 class='r1'>"
fm=fm & "!Title!</TD></TR>"
fm=fm & "<TR><TD align=right class='fl'><b>"
fm=fm & "Birthdate</b></TD>"
fm=fm & "<TD colspan='3' class='r2'>"
fm=fm & "!Birthdate!</TD></TR>"
fm=fm & "<TR><td align=right class='fl'><b>"
fm=fm & "HireDate</b></TD><td colspan='3' class='r1'>"
fm=fm & "!Hiredate!</TD></TR>"
fm=fm & "<TR><TD align=right class='fl'><B>Address</B></TD>"
fm=fm & "<TD COLSPAN=3 class='r2'>!Address! - !City! - !Region!. !PostalCode! !Country!</TD></TR>"
fm=fm & "<TR><TD align=right class='fl'><B>Phone</B></TD>"
fm=fm & "<TD COLSPAN=3 class='r1'>!HomePhone! x !Extension!</TD></TR>"
fm=fm & "<TR><TD align=right class='flf'><B>Notes</B></TD><TD COLSPAN=3>"
fm=fm & "<TEXTAREA COLS=50 ROWS=6>!Notes!</TEXTAREA></TD></TR>"
fm=fm & "</TABLE>"

'---- ASPdb.Net Code ----
  Dim ACC As New Tornado.Z()
  With ACC
    .dbQP="U=9| Q=Employees| D=NewNwind.mdb| M=G| Gdf=0| Mts=-1| Th=Tit=Data Repeater"
    .dbSkin = "type=Watch"
    .dbNameMap="field=0|alias=Employees Profile"
    .dbCommonTables="index=EID,FULLNAME|sql=SELECT EmployeeID, FirstName & ' ' & Lastname as Name FROM Employees"
    .dbGridMagicCell="(;,[]!|~/)field=0|macro=" & fm
  End With
End Sub
Repeater is the term used in VS.Net describing records displayed in a template format. Do not confuse the VS.Net repeater control with the Tornado's capability to produce a repeater like display. The VS.Net Repeater does not provide any built-in means for editing, sorting, or paging of data. However, these mechanisms could be added programmatically, but would result in a lot of code and effort. Look at the following simple Tornado's repeater.

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