Tornado Class Library

Special Topic - Culture & Web

If you are developing in a culture different then the default one then you should set the culture accordingly.  If dbCulture is omitted, Tornado will use the local server's culture. All culture related input and output will be adjusted according to the culture. For example, if "en-GB" is specified, then Currency will be the "pound" sign instead of the "$" sign. During data input, for UK culture, the input date format is expected to be dd/mm/yyy or any format valid to the UK culture (dd-mmm-yy, mmm-dd-yy ...etc.). It is recommended that the Pre-defined formats should be used to format the output. SQLCulture is the culture of the Database, it is sued to convert dates to the DB format for editing. User Culture is the culture of the presentation and editing input. If only one is entered, then both will be the same value. If this property is missing, then the system culture will be used throughout. The time you use different Cultures is the DB is in one country and the user is in another which is not that uncommon.

 Obj.dbCulture="SQLCultureName, UserCultureName" (See table below)

The same effect can be obtained by declaring globally in the web.config file under the root directory as -
                 <globalization requestEncoding="utf-8" responseEncoding="utf-8" culture="en-GB" />





"" (empty string) 0x007F invariant culture
af 0x0036 Afrikaans
af-ZA 0x0436 Afrikaans - South Africa
sq 0x001C Albanian
sq-AL 0x041C Albanian - Albania
ar 0x0001 Arabic
ar-DZ 0x1401 Arabic - Algeria
ar-BH 0x3C01 Arabic - Bahrain
ar-EG 0x0C01 Arabic - Egypt
ar-IQ 0x0801 Arabic - Iraq
ar-JO 0x2C01 Arabic - Jordan
ar-KW 0x3401 Arabic - Kuwait
ar-LB 0x3001 Arabic - Lebanon
ar-LY 0x1001 Arabic - Libya
ar-MA 0x1801 Arabic - Morocco
ar-OM 0x2001 Arabic - Oman
ar-QA 0x4001 Arabic - Qatar
ar-SA 0x0401 Arabic - Saudi Arabia
ar-SY 0x2801 Arabic - Syria
ar-TN 0x1C01 Arabic - Tunisia
ar-AE 0x3801 Arabic - United Arab Emirates
ar-YE 0x2401 Arabic - Yemen
hy 0x002B Armenian
hy-AM 0x042B Armenian - Armenia
az 0x002C Azeri
Cy-az-AZ 0x082C Azeri (Cyrillic) - Azerbaijan
Lt-az-AZ 0x042C Azeri (Latin) - Azerbaijan
eu 0x002D Basque
eu-ES 0x042D Basque - Basque
be 0x0023 Belarusian
be-BY 0x0423 Belarusian - Belarus
bg 0x0002 Bulgarian
bg-BG 0x0402 Bulgarian - Bulgaria
ca 0x0003 Catalan
ca-ES 0x0403 Catalan - Catalan
zh-HK 0x0C04 Chinese - Hong Kong SAR
zh-MO 0x1404 Chinese - Macau SAR
zh-CN 0x0804 Chinese - China
zh-CHS 0x0004 Chinese (Simplified)
zh-SG 0x1004 Chinese - Singapore
zh-TW 0x0404 Chinese - Taiwan
zh-CHT 0x7C04 Chinese (Traditional)
hr 0x001A Croatian
hr-HR 0x041A Croatian - Croatia
cs 0x0005 Czech
cs-CZ 0x0405 Czech - Czech Republic
da 0x0006 Danish
da-DK 0x0406 Danish - Denmark
div 0x0065 Dhivehi
div-MV 0x0465 Dhivehi - Maldives
nl 0x0013 Dutch
nl-BE 0x0813 Dutch - Belgium
nl-NL 0x0413 Dutch - The Netherlands
en 0x0009 English
en-AU 0x0C09 English - Australia
en-BZ 0x2809 English - Belize
en-CA 0x1009 English - Canada
en-CB 0x2409 English - Caribbean
en-IE 0x1809 English - Ireland
en-JM 0x2009 English - Jamaica
en-NZ 0x1409 English - New Zealand
en-PH 0x3409 English - Philippines
en-ZA 0x1C09 English - South Africa
en-TT 0x2C09 English - Trinidad and Tobago
en-GB 0x0809 English - United Kingdom
en-US 0x0409 English - United States
en-ZW 0x3009 English - Zimbabwe
et 0x0025 Estonian
et-EE 0x0425 Estonian - Estonia
fo 0x0038 Faroese
fo-FO 0x0438 Faroese - Faroe Islands
fa 0x0029 Farsi
fa-IR 0x0429 Farsi - Iran
fi 0x000B Finnish
fi-FI 0x040B Finnish - Finland
fr 0x000C French
fr-BE 0x080C French - Belgium
fr-CA 0x0C0C French - Canada
fr-FR 0x040C French - France
fr-LU 0x140C French - Luxembourg
fr-MC 0x180C French - Monaco
fr-CH 0x100C French - Switzerland
gl 0x0056 Galician
gl-ES 0x0456 Galician - Galician
ka 0x0037 Georgian
ka-GE 0x0437 Georgian - Georgia
de 0x0007 German
de-AT 0x0C07 German - Austria
de-DE 0x0407 German - Germany
de-LI 0x1407 German - Liechtenstein
de-LU 0x1007 German - Luxembourg
de-CH 0x0807 German - Switzerland
el 0x0008 Greek
el-GR 0x0408 Greek - Greece
gu 0x0047 Gujarati
gu-IN 0x0447 Gujarati - India
he 0x000D Hebrew
he-IL 0x040D Hebrew - Israel
hi 0x0039 Hindi
hi-IN 0x0439 Hindi - India
hu 0x000E Hungarian
hu-HU 0x040E Hungarian - Hungary
is 0x000F Icelandic
is-IS 0x040F Icelandic - Iceland
id 0x0021 Indonesian
id-ID 0x0421 Indonesian - Indonesia
it 0x0010 Italian
it-IT 0x0410 Italian - Italy
it-CH 0x0810 Italian - Switzerland
ja 0x0011 Japanese
ja-JP 0x0411 Japanese - Japan
kn 0x004B Kannada
kn-IN 0x044B Kannada - India
kk 0x003F Kazakh
kk-KZ 0x043F Kazakh - Kazakhstan
kok 0x0057 Konkani
kok-IN 0x0457 Konkani - India
ko 0x0012 Korean
ko-KR 0x0412 Korean - Korea
ky 0x0040 Kyrgyz
ky-KZ 0x0440 Kyrgyz - Kazakhstan
lv 0x0026 Latvian
lv-LV 0x0426 Latvian - Latvia
lt 0x0027 Lithuanian
lt-LT 0x0427 Lithuanian - Lithuania
mk 0x002F Macedonian
mk-MK 0x042F Macedonian - FYROM
ms 0x003E Malay
ms-BN 0x083E Malay - Brunei
ms-MY 0x043E Malay - Malaysia
mr 0x004E Marathi
mr-IN 0x044E Marathi - India
mn 0x0050 Mongolian
mn-MN 0x0450 Mongolian - Mongolia
no 0x0014 Norwegian
nb-NO 0x0414 Norwegian (Bokm�l) - Norway
nn-NO 0x0814 Norwegian (Nynorsk) - Norway
pl 0x0015 Polish
pl-PL 0x0415 Polish - Poland
pt 0x0016 Portuguese
pt-BR 0x0416 Portuguese - Brazil
pt-PT 0x0816 Portuguese - Portugal
pa 0x0046 Punjabi
pa-IN 0x0446 Punjabi - India
ro 0x0018 Romanian
ro-RO 0x0418 Romanian - Romania
ru 0x0019 Russian
ru-RU 0x0419 Russian - Russia
sa 0x004F Sanskrit
sa-IN 0x044F Sanskrit - India
Cy-sr-SP 0x0C1A Serbian (Cyrillic) - Serbia
Lt-sr-SP 0x081A Serbian (Latin) - Serbia
sk 0x001B Slovak
sk-SK 0x041B Slovak - Slovakia
sl 0x0024 Slovenian
sl-SI 0x0424 Slovenian - Slovenia
es 0x000A Spanish
es-AR 0x2C0A Spanish - Argentina
es-BO 0x400A Spanish - Bolivia
es-CL 0x340A Spanish - Chile
es-CO 0x240A Spanish - Colombia
es-CR 0x140A Spanish - Costa Rica
es-DO 0x1C0A Spanish - Dominican Republic
es-EC 0x300A Spanish - Ecuador
es-SV 0x440A Spanish - El Salvador
es-GT 0x100A Spanish - Guatemala
es-HN 0x480A Spanish - Honduras
es-MX 0x080A Spanish - Mexico
es-NI 0x4C0A Spanish - Nicaragua
es-PA 0x180A Spanish - Panama
es-PY 0x3C0A Spanish - Paraguay
es-PE 0x280A Spanish - Peru
es-PR 0x500A Spanish - Puerto Rico
es-ES 0x0C0A Spanish - Spain
es-UY 0x380A Spanish - Uruguay
es-VE 0x200A Spanish - Venezuela
sw 0x0041 Swahili
sw-KE 0x0441 Swahili - Kenya
sv 0x001D Swedish
sv-FI 0x081D Swedish - Finland
sv-SE 0x041D Swedish - Sweden
syr 0x005A Syriac
syr-SY 0x045A Syriac - Syria
ta 0x0049 Tamil
ta-IN 0x0449 Tamil - India
tt 0x0044 Tatar
tt-RU 0x0444 Tatar - Russia
te 0x004A Telugu
te-IN 0x044A Telugu - India
th 0x001E Thai
th-TH 0x041E Thai - Thailand
tr 0x001F Turkish
tr-TR 0x041F Turkish - Turkey
uk 0x0022 Ukrainian
uk-UA 0x0422 Ukrainian - Ukraine
ur 0x0020 Urdu
ur-PK 0x0420 Urdu - Pakistan
uz 0x0043 Uzbek
Cy-uz-UZ 0x0843 Uzbek (Cyrillic) - Uzbekistan
Lt-uz-UZ 0x0443 Uzbek (Latin) - Uzbekistan
vi 0x002A Vietnamese
vi-VN 0x042A Vietnamese - Vietnam


ISO 3166 2-letter code ISO 3166 3-letter code Country/Region
AE ARE United Arab Emirates
AL ALB Albania
AM ARM Armenia
AR ARG Argentina
AT AUT Austria
AU AUS Australia
AZ AZE Azerbaijan
BE BEL Belgium
BG BGR Bulgaria
BH BHR Bahrain
BN BRN Brunei
BO BOL Bolivia
BR BRA Brazil
BY BLR Belarus
BZ BLZ Belize
CA CAN Canada
CB CAR Caribbean
CH CHE Switzerland
CL CHL Chile
CN CHN China
CO COL Colombia
CR CRI Costa Rica
CZ CZE Czech Republic
DE DEU Germany
DK DNK Denmark
DO DOM Dominican Republic
DZ DZA Algeria
EC ECU Ecuador
EE EST Estonia
EG EGY Egypt
ES ESP Spain
FI FIN Finland
FO FRO Faroe Islands
FR FRA France
GB GBR United Kingdom
GE GEO Georgia
GR GRC Greece
GT GTM Guatemala
HK HKG Hong Kong SAR
HN HND Honduras
HR HRV Croatia
HU HUN Hungary
ID IDN Indonesia
IE IRL Ireland
IL ISR Israel
IN IND India
IS ISL Iceland
IT ITA Italy
JM JAM Jamaica
JO JOR Jordan
JP JPN Japan
KE KEN Kenya
KG KGZ Kyrgyzstan
KR KOR Korea
KW KWT Kuwait
KZ KAZ Kazakhstan
LB LBN Lebanon
LI LIE Liechtenstein
LT LTU Lithuania
LU LUX Luxembourg
LV LVA Latvia
LY LBY Libya
MA MAR Morocco
MC MCO Monaco
MN MNG Mongolia
MV MDV Maldives
MX MEX Mexico
MY MYS Malaysia
NI NIC Nicaragua
NL NLD The Netherlands
NO NOR Norway
NZ NZL New Zealand
PA PAN Panama
PH PHL Philippines
PK PAK Pakistan
PL POL Poland
PR PRI Puerto Rico
PT PRT Portugal
PY PRY Paraguay
QA QAT Qatar
RO ROM Romania
RU RUS Russia
SA SAU Saudi Arabia
SE SWE Sweden
SG SGP Singapore
SI SVN Slovenia
SK SVK Slovakia
SP SPB Serbia
SV SLV El Salvador
SY SYR Syria
TA TAT Russia
TH THA Thailand
TN TUN Tunisia
TR TUR Turkey
TT TTO Trinidad and Tobago
TW TWN Taiwan
UA UKR Ukraine
US USA United States
UY URY Uruguay
UZ UZB Uzbekistan
VE VEN Venezuela
VN VNM Vietnam
YE YEM Yemen
ZA ZAF South Africa
ZW ZWE Zimbabwe




Culture & Web Parameters

Use the following code to display your Culture and Web Parameters -

<%@ Import namespace="System.Threading" %>
<%@ Import namespace="System.Globalization" %>
<%@ Import namespace="System.Web" %>

<script language="VB" runat="server">
Sub Page_Load(Src As Object, E As EventArgs)
Dim res As HttpResponse = HttpContext.Current.Response
Dim req As HttpRequest = HttpContext.Current.Request
Dim ctx As HttpContext = HttpContext.Current
Dim bc As HttpBrowserCapabilities = req.Browser
Dim BrowserType As String = bc.Type
Dim BrowserName As String = bc.Browser
Dim BrowserVersion As String = bc.Version
Dim BrowserMajorVersion As String = bc.MajorVersion
Dim browserMinorVersion As String = bc.MinorVersion
Dim this_server As String = req.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")
Dim Cul As String = Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture.Name
Dim c As New CultureInfo(Cul)
Dim s As String = ""
s &= "Culture Name = " & c.Name & "<BR>"
s &= ("Culture English Name = " & c.EnglishName & "<BR>")
s &= ("Culture Display Name = " & c.DisplayName & "<BR>")
s &= ("Culture 3-ISO Name = " & c.ThreeLetterISOLanguageName & "<BR>")
s &= ("Culture Date of Dec 31st 2003 = " & System.Convert.ToDateTime("Dec 31, 2003") & "<BR>")
s &= ("CurrencyDecimalDigits = " & c.NumberFormat.CurrencyDecimalDigits & "<BR>")
s &= ("NumberDecimalSeparator = " & c.NumberFormat.NumberDecimalSeparator & "<BR>")
s &= ("CurrencyGroupSeparator = " & c.NumberFormat.CurrencyGroupSeparator & "<BR>")
Dim negativepattern As String() = {"($n)", "-$n", "$-n", "$n-", "(n$)", "-n$", "n-$", "n$-", "-n $", "-$ n", "n $-", "$ n-", "$ -n", "n- $", "($ n)", "(n $)"}
s &= ("CurrencyNegativePattern = " & negativepattern(c.NumberFormat.CurrencyNegativePattern) & "<BR>")
Dim positivepattern As String() = {"$n", "$n", "$ n", "n $"}
s &= ("CurrencyPositivePattern = " & positivepattern(c.NumberFormat.CurrencyPositivePattern) & "<BR>")
s &= ("CurrencySymbol = " & c.NumberFormat.CurrencySymbol & "<BR>")
s &= ("NegativeInfinitySymbol = " & c.NumberFormat.NegativeInfinitySymbol & "<BR>")
s &= ("NegativeSign = " & c.NumberFormat.NegativeSign & "<BR>")
s &= ("NumberDecimalDigits = " & c.NumberFormat.NumberDecimalDigits & "<BR>")
s &= ("NumberDecimalSeparator = " & c.NumberFormat.NumberDecimalSeparator & "<BR>")
s &= ("NumberGroupSeparator = " & c.NumberFormat.NumberGroupSeparator & "<BR>")
Dim numbernegativepattern As String() = {"(n)", "-n", "- n", "n-", "n -"}
s &= ("NumberNegativePattern = " & numbernegativepattern(c.NumberFormat.NumberNegativePattern) & "<BR>")
s &= ("PercentDecimalDigits = " & c.NumberFormat.PercentDecimalDigits & "<BR>")
s &= ("PercentDecimalSeparator = " & c.NumberFormat.PercentDecimalSeparator & "<BR>")
s &= ("PercentGroupSeparator = " & c.NumberFormat.PercentGroupSeparator & "<BR>")
Dim percentnegativepattern As String() = {"-n %", "-n%", "-%n"}
s &= ("PercentNegativePattern = " & percentnegativepattern(c.NumberFormat.PercentNegativePattern) & "<BR>")
s &= ("PercentSymbol = " & c.NumberFormat.PercentSymbol & "<BR>")
s &= ("PerMilleSymbol = " & c.NumberFormat.PerMilleSymbol & "<BR>")
s &= ("PositiveInfinitySymbol = " & c.NumberFormat.PositiveInfinitySymbol & "<BR>")
s &= ("PositiveSign = " & c.NumberFormat.PositiveSign & "<BR>")
s &= ("Csv File Delimiter = (" & c.TextInfo.ListSeparator & ")<BR>")

Dim reg As String = RegionInfo.CurrentRegion.Name
Dim r As New RegionInfo(reg)
s &= "Region Name = " & r.Name & "<BR>"
s &= "IsMetric = " & r.IsMetric & "<BR>"

s &= "O/S : " & System.Environment.OSVersion.ToString() & "<BR>"
s &= "CLR Version : " & System.Environment.Version.ToString() & "<BR>"
s &= "Current Directory : " & System.Environment.CurrentDirectory.ToString() & "<BR>"
s &= "System Directory : " & System.Environment.SystemDirectory.ToString() & "<BR>"
s &= "Machine Name : " & System.Environment.MachineName.ToString() & "<BR>"
s &= "User Domain Name : " & System.Environment.UserDomainName.ToString() & "<BR>"
s &= "Your Domain : " & this_server & "<br>"
s &= "User Name : " & System.Environment.UserName.ToString() & "<BR>"
s &= "Your Current Browser : " & bc.Browser & " Version : " & bc.Version & "<br>"
Response.Write("<h3>Culture and Web Settings</h3>" & s)

End Sub


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