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Special Topics - Multiple Modules

Normally, you can only execute one application at a time in application especially in the code-behind environment . ASP-db.Net has a unique multiple modules support in which is part of another development. Execute the folloiwign example and have a feel of ho wit works.

<script language="VB" runat="server">
Sub Page_Load(Src As Object, E As EventArgs)
  Dim G4 As New Tornado.z
  With G4
    .dbQP = "U=1|S=ASPdbZen| th=title=Not so simple grids"
    Response.Write("<Center><P><table border=5><tr><td>")
    .dbQP = "U=2| D=Nwind.Mdb| Q=Orders| TH=title=Orders| gdf=0,1,2| mm=t| s=css=f"
    .dbQP = "U=3| D=Nwind.Mdb| Q=customers| TH=Title=Customer| gdf=0,1,2| mm=t| s=css=f"
    .dbQP = "U=4| D=Nwind.Mdb| Q=products| TH=Title=Products| gdf=0,1,2| mm=t| s=css=f"
    .dbQP = "U=5| D=Nwind.Mdb| Q=suppliers| TH=Title=Suppiers| gdf=0,1,2| mm=t| s=css=f"
  End With
End Sub


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