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Special Topic - Using Tornado with Visual Studio.Net 2005

IntelliSense, Debug, Html and Aspx

Tornado works with VS2003 and VS2005 without any code changes. The following outlines the setup procedures for VS2005 -

Procedures Action
Choose an install directory d:\T2005
Install Tornado Officially, Tornado only need (1) file Tornado.dll in the \bin directory. The rest are auxiliary files like Css, DB, temp dir etc..
Physical and Virtual Directory Setup d:\bin
d:\T2005\Tornado\all tornado support files...
Create Virtual Dir for the target web site used by VS2005 Computer Management
  •   IIS
  •   Set http://localhost/MySite = d:\T2005\MySite
Setup web site properties for ASP.NET 2.0 debugging Computer Management - IIS
  • Web Sites - Properties - Documents - Put Default.aspx on top
  • Web Sites - MySite - Properties - ASP.NET - ASP.NET version = 2.0.50125.0 (In case you have a mix mode of VS2003 and VS2005.
  • Web Sites - MySite - Properties - Directory Security - Anonymous access and authentication control - Edit - Integrated Windows authentication = checked
Create a new WebSite
(similar to WebForm in VS2003)
VS2005 - New - WebSite - MySite - d:\T2005\MySite

Note: In VS2003, creating a WebForm will automatically creates a virtual directory. In VS2005, this has to be done manually unless you use the default server.

Add Tornado Reference to WebSite Place DotNet 2.0 version of Tornado.DLL in the d:\inetpub\wwwroot\bin\ dir.

d:\T2005\MySite (right click) - Add Reference - browse - d:\inetpub\wwwroot\bin\tornado.dll

Setup MySite properties d:\T2005\MySite (right click) Properties Pages - Start Options - Server - Use custom server - http://localhost/MySite

Note: Do not use default server as all MapPath functions to locate Tornado auxiliary files will mess up!


Input Tornado test code (2 lines) Click Default.aspx - Design - Click - Type the following code in the Page_Load Sub ->

Dim x As New Tornado.z


Tornado.z x = new Tornado.z();



Execute the WebSite Hit F5 (Add Web Config file if needed)
Debug Set break points in the code and execute again.
Single File delivery After debug, move the code (VB and HTML) out into a single .aspx file for single file delivery w/o VS which is more integrated.

Create the following file as - d:\T2005\MySite\TornadoInfo.aspx

Dim MyTest As New Tornado.Z

Execute from browser - http://localhost/mysite/tornadoinfo.aspx


Note: Tornado.DLL for VS2005 is included in the update directory.


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